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LWV of the La Crosse Area Recognizes All Who Contributed to High Voter Turnout

Nora Garland | Published on 11/27/2022

La Crosse County had one of the highest voter turnouts in Wisconsin. The League of Women Voters of the La Crosse Area (LWVLA) sees this as evidence that the civic health of our region is strong.

Voting is valued and protected in the Coulee Region not because of any single event, institution or marketing strategy — but because we collaborate, partner and educate as a community. It is clear to us that while our mission is specific to empowering voters and defending democracy, so many others contributed this year to making La Crosse County a leader in voting as civic engagement.

The LWVLA wishes to recognize all in our community who worked together to ensure and expand the freedom to vote in the La Crosse area:
  • All area voters who chose to participate through absentee, early or same-day voting — 80.7% of registered voters in La Crosse County — wow!
  • Candidates who honored our democracy by running for office, responding to requests for information, participating in debates, graciously accepting the outcome of elections and pledging to serve all their constituents regardless of party affiliation.
  • Local referendum campaigners, both pro and con, who brought their cases to the public with respect and civility.
  • County and municipal clerks for expanding access to voting, including more early voting opportunities and the new accessible voting machines.
  • Election officials and poll workers for conducting safe, orderly, efficient elections — and working into the night to provide us with timely results.
  • Local event organizers — too many to name — who provided opportunities for our voter services team to educate the public about voting.
  • Staff and students at UW-La Crosse, Viterbo and Western who encouraged and assisted college-age voters, lifting turnout in several city wards.
  • Project Proven teachers who added voter education to their programming at the La Crosse County Jail.
  • Area school districts that welcomed LWVLA’s voter registration program for their senior students.
  • The La Crosse Tribune staff for their coverage of voting rights, election news and candidate positions — and their unflagging advocacy for voting.
  • The La Crosse Debate Coalition, led by Dr. Anthony Chergosky, for hosting local candidate debates. The coalition consists of UW-L, the League of Women Voters of the La Crosse Area, LeaderEthics and the 7 Rivers Alliance as well as media partners WXOW, WKBT, La Crosse Tribune, WIZM, Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Eye and WisPolitics.
  • LeaderEthics for consistently strong voter education programming.
  • La Crosse area libraries, municipal clerks and county administrators for displaying voter information materials.
  • All who placed our “Everyone Vote” signs, including residents, area school districts, Head Start sites, La Crosse county and city.
  • The Davis brothers, Allyson and Todd Fergot, who promoted voting through our “I Do. Do You? VOTE” campaign.
  • Local businesses and nonprofits, including Hope Restores, Margaret’s Hip Hop Fashions, MOKA, La Crosse Sign Company and Kwik Trip, for their outreach to promote voting.
  • The La Crosse MTU who made voting easier by offering free rides on Election Day.

Thank you, Coulee Region, the place where people vote!
Our next chance will be in the spring for municipal, school board and judicial offices.