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Reject Partisan Redistricting at All Levels

Maureen Freedland | Published on 6/23/2021

Letter to the Editor from: Maureen Freedland, La Crosse
Re: Nonpartisan County Redistricting
Published 6/23/21 in the La Crosse Tribune

Instead of political affiliation, community members were appropriately chosen by the County Board chair for diversity of proven talent, responsibility and experience. All are leaders who have worked for the best for the entire community. Every County Board supervisor had the opportunity to volunteer for this committee. The slate chosen by the chair was approved unanimously with one abstention.

I observed the last round of map drawing. Meetings were open and transparent, with ample opportunity for public input. Maps were generated by computers based on the law and broad policy determined by the committee, not politics.

We must not allow our decision-making process to become like the flawed, plainly partisan state process. That one is needlessly complex and focused on party lines or voting patterns, favoring incumbents rather than creating competitive districts that allow for greater choices between voters in determining their representatives.

We cannot go down the road of gerrymandered districts at the county level. We must always advocate for fair districts both locally and statewide.