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Democracy Found: Nonpartisan Political Innovation in Wisconsin
Speaker, Sara Eskrich, 
Executive Director of Democracy Found, a Wisconsin-based nonpartisan initiative committed to revitalizing democracy.

Washington is broken. Nothing ever gets done. So, how can we fix our politics?

Many Americans are horrified about the dysfunction and abysmal results from Washington, D.C., but feel hopeless and disengaged. Democracy Found takes a unique approach—using the Gehl Porter Politics Industry Theory, which applies traditional tools of business analysis to politics and highlights the unhealthy system of political competition—to create a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of leaders committed to reinvigorating our democracy through open, top-five primaries and ranked choice voting in the general election (Final-Five Voting).

Program Resources:
The League’s Statement of Position on Voter Representation/Electoral Systems as adopted by concurrence by the 54th National Convention In June 2020:
LWVUS promotes an open governmental system that is representative, accountable, and responsive. We encourage electoral methods that provide the broadest voter representation possible and are expressive of voter choices.
Whether for single or multiple winner contests, the League supports electoral methods that:
--Encourage voter participation and voter engagement
--Encourage those with minority opinions to participate, including under-represented
--Are verifiable and auditable
--Promote access to voting
--Maximize effective votes/minimize wasted votes
--Promote sincere voting over strategic voting
--Implement alternatives to plurality voting
--Are compatible with acceptable ballot-casting methods, including vote-by-mail

Read more about the new League position on Voter Representation/Electoral Reform in the 2020-2022 Impact on Issues: A Guide to Public Policy Positions, p. 47.

December Lunch & Learn
Tuesday, December 8
11:30 AM - 1 PM

2020 Census Follow-up for La Crosse County
Jane Klekamp, Associate La Crosse County Administrator

Jane will report on initial data from the 2020 Census effort in La Crosse County.

Keeping the Pressure on Fair Maps
Annemarie McClellan, Commissioner on the People’s Maps Commission representing the 3rd Congressional District

In his 2020 State of the State Address, Gov. Tony Evers promised to create "a nonpartisan redistricting commission, comprised of the people of our state—not elected officials, not lobbyists, and not political party officials—who will draw The People’s Maps."

And as promised, The People's Maps Commission began a series of hearings around the state this October. Annemarie McClellan, a founding member of the League of Women Voters-Greater Chippewa Valley chapter and current co-president, is the 3rd Congressional District Commissioner on the People’s Maps Commission.

Annemarie will provide background on the Commission, information about decisions the Commission will make and their methods of learning from the public. She will also discuss the scope of the commission's study and the process for final determination of the new redistricting maps.

The Perfect 36 and Beyond

This musical video chronicles the dramatic vote to ratify the 19th amendment and the years of debate about women’s suffrage that preceded it. It is narrated by local life-time voters!

November Lunch & Learn
National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 
Speaker, Barbara Paterick,
 LWVWI’s Legislative Committee, National Popular Vote (NPV) liaison to LWVUS,
and national grassroots NPV organizations.

The League of Women Voters supports the goal of a direct popular vote for the election of the president and vice president of the United States and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) as a means of achieving  this goal. Barbara Paterick will explain the NPVIC and present information about the progress achieved so far toward realizing the goal of a direct popular vote for president. The NPV will become activated when states accounting for 240 electoral votes pass the law. We are only 74 electoral votes away, and Wisconsin would add 10. NPVIC ensures that every vote, in every state, counts in electing the president. Find out why this compact is needed and how we can help get it passed.

Related Resources for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

LWV WI Fall 2019 Training videos

     Part 1- Deep Dive on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and Responses to Common Misconceptions: HERE

     Part 2-Questions & Answers, How to Best be an Advocate for National Popular Vote, and Overview of LWVWI: HERE

LWV WI: NPV Interstate Compact Toolkit: HERE

LWV US: NPV Taskforce: HERE

"Supreme Court’s 'faithless electors' decision validates case for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact"
by Barry Fadem
(Brookings Institution, July 14, 2020).  HERE 

"The Mess Congress Could Make"
by Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law at Harvard University

The Bush v. Gore fight has become the template of a disputed election, but many of worst-case scenarios could end up before Congress, not the Court.
(The Atlantic, 10.19.20) HERE


October Lunch & Learn

Creating a Healthier Multicultural Community: What Can You Do?

Diana DiazGranados, Public Health Advocate

Co-Creator, Creating a Healthier Multicultural Community Project

Creating a healthier multicultural community requires a community which is willing to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. This session will focus on actionable steps that each of us can do to support this effort.

Related resources:
“Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race” by Debbie Irving. 
“So You Want To Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo. 

September Lunch & Learn
A Voting Conversation with Ginny Dankmeyer
and Legislative Update with Ellen Franz 
La Crosse County Clerk

Ellen Frantz, a member of the League's Executive Board, will open with a brief update on the legal status of recently contested Wisconsin electoral policies. Ginny Dankmeyer will then address the upcoming election--its voting issues, challenges and solutions.

The LWVLA 2020 Annual Meeting

The LWV-La Crosse provided its Annual Member Meeting via Zoom technology due to COVID-19 concerns and the need for physical distancing. The purpose of the annual meeting is to highlight successes of the past year and to ask members to vote their approval of our past annual meeting minutes, upcoming budget, program priorities, and League officers and directors.